Workwear rental service for industrial segment

We are proud to represent Europe’s leading manufacturers of workwear which are known for high quality and product functionality.

We do understand that people in the industrial sector need comfort, durability, protection as well as wearer-friendly features. With the Šiaurės Banga team, your staff will always feel comfortable and look neat, while your company will save time and reduce costs.

Planning to buy workwear?
  • The purchase of workwear for all of the company's employees is a major investment in money and additional care under their supervision. Are you sure you are willing to spend time, money and energy?
  • Our workwear rental service includes program administration, laundering, delivery, repairs, replacements, and more. By choosing our service you can be sure that your staff will look neat and feel comfortable.
Our services:
  • We will select the most suitable workwear models;
  • Offer the optimal number of sets;
  • Identify sizes;
  • Mark the workwear with identification stickers;
  • At your request we will take care of the details such as logos, emblems, embroideries;
  • For your convenience, we will deliver metal locker cabinets for workwear storage;
  • We will perform regular service that includes laundering the workwear and, if necessary, repairing it;
  • Once a week, we will deliver clean working clothes to the individual lockers and collect dirty ones.
  • Upon your request an innovative and comprehensive accounting system will give you clear, useful and relevant reports.
Comfortable ordering process
Maintenance cycle
  1. Collection of the dirty workwear.
  2. Specialized laundering.
  3. Delivery of clean workwear.
  4. Distribution of workwear to lockers.
Why is it better to rent workwear?
  • No initial investment required;
  • You do not need to store a surplus workwear reserve;
  • Full maintenance and free management of your workwear;
  • Quick repair without additional costs;
  • The unique corporate style.
Workwear collection
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